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Learn how to pass your drivers exam on your first try in 60 seconds.

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I thought I was going to fail but I ended up passing! Thanks for the help.

Dave, NJ | 26 Jan 2022


So much easier and faster than the handbook.

Krisha C, NC | 3 Feb 2022


This cheat sheet was helpful and I was able to go over all the key questions and answers. I went to the DMV the next day and passed.

Fred, CA | 21 Jan 2022


My son passed the first time! Thanks for the info!

Krisha C, NC | 13 Mar 2022

Huge Time Saver

In just 60 minutes you will know everything you need to pass your driving test.

The driver’s manual is 127 pages full of pointless fluff. We’ve taken only what you need to know and left out the things you don’t so there’s no wasting time. You can be test-ready with just one hour of studying.

Pass on your First Try

You won’t have to feel the frustration of having to take the test more than once.

Having to retake the written exam is a bummer. Luckily, our cheat sheets are proven to be the most effective way to study. So effective in fact, that we guarantee you will ace the written test on your very first try after using the cheat sheet.

97.5% Pass Rate

That’s the actual passing rate for students who have used DMV Advantage cheat sheets.

You won’t find a product with a higher pass rate. The DMV Advantage cheat sheet is the go-to study guide for anyone looking for the most sure-fire way of passing their written test.

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